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Coronavirus, Strange Events & RAPTURE | End-Time Prophecy Since 2005

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????????Pastor Steve Cioccolanti spoke a prophecy about Europe in 2005 which is being fulfilled now--15 years later. Update on Italy. He also shares how the Biblical plague of COVID-19 may relate to the Rapture and One World Government. God has got our attention--it's time to repent and trust in His Word. Call upon His Son Jesus Christ to save you! ✝️ JOIN Discover Church Online via PATREON: BOOKS TO READ DURING THE CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN ????????TRUMP’S UNFINISHED BUSINESS: 10 PROPHECIES TO SAVE AMERICA ???????? ????BUY Paperback (370 pages): ????BUY Ebook: ???????? THE DIVINE CODE: A PROPHETIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF...
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